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The Magnob | Industrial HVAC Handtools - Creative Products of SWFL
At first use, the tank will be very tight, in order to prevent leakage. In order to open upon initial use attach the MAGNOB to the valve stem of the tank, use a tool such as a wrench to attach to the raised portion of the MAGNOB and open the valve.
Be sure to remove the MAGNOB from your old tank and place on the new tank. The MAGNOB is reusable and Guaranteed for up to 3 years!
If you look at the screws, there are 2 different types; the Pilot Screw (or shoulder bolt) is the largest of the 4 and is intended to fit into the fan blade hub (or set screw hole;)

Refer to #6 on the orange instruction sheet.

Yes, lubricating & sanding the fan blade is a vital part of the removal process and aids in time efficiency. It also helps to protect the Knockout tool and maintain longevity.
Yes, eye wear is extremely important to protect from debris when hammering any surface.
The Knockout Tool | Industrial HVAC Handtools - Creative Products of SWFL